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This magazine was published back in 1986. I was the compositor and artist that put this magazine together. See on the second page. This was before we had computers to do desktop publishing. That was several years away. I used a method described as “cut, paste, and camera” along with photo typesetting for the text. I used a drafting table with a glass surface and lights inside. All the components of each page are cut out and pasted in position. Photos are shot on a PMT camera that can be adjusted to enlarge or shrink the size and it uses a very fine screen to turn the pictures into microscopic dots. The text was created on a photo typesetting machine. You must be able to program the size and format of the text without being able to see it that way on the screen. A disk about the size of a DVD has all of the type characters cut out around the circumference. As each letter is typed with the keyboard, the disk turns to exact position for a laser light to shine through the text character onto the photo paper. The disk can move in and out to determine the size of the characters. The photo paper is then developed in chemicals like film. The photos, graphics, text, borders are all essentially glued to the surface of the pages with hot wax. The different types of borders are tape. If there will be multiple colors on the page, the items of each color are attached to overlays. Each page is photographed with a large camera that produces a negative for burning printing plates. Loads of fun!! That’s the short version. You can imagine how happy we were when the Apple computers came out.